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Posted By: book hungama at: 27, Feb 2018 10:41:41 AM IST
5 of the many gems of the Marathi Literature
Marathi literature is one of the ancient literatures of our country. It is beyond beautiful and adorned with numerous great literary pieces that have inspired generations. There are many amazing authors and writers who have contributed a great deal in making Marathi literature one of the best and most amazing pieces of art.
Here are some of the amazing Marathi writers…
1. PurushottamLaxmanDeshpande
Every list of Marathi writers is incomplete without this great author. Popularly known as (“Pu”. “La”. “Despande”) he was a famous Marathi humourist as well as a well-known writer from Maharashtra. He was also awarded Maharashtra Bhushan Award in the year 1996. His work is also available in the form of Marathi eBooks.
2. Ranjit Desai
The man behind historical novels such as Swami and Shriman Yogi, Ranjit Desai was awarded Padma Shri in 1973. Some of his well-known literary works are Radheya (A story narrating the life of ‘KARNA’) and Shekhara. Ranjit Desai’s books are available in the form of Marathi eBooks as well.
3. NamdeoDhasal
NamdeoDhasal was a famous poet and a writer. His contribution to the field of Marathi literature and plays won him several awards. Some of them were ‘Padma Shri’ in 1999 and ‘SahityaAkademi’ in 2004. He also presented in the first Berlin International Literature Fest. Some of his famous poetry compositions are ‘Golpitha’ and ‘Khel’.
4. Kusumagraj
His real name was Vishnu VamanShirwadkar. He was a great novelist, short story writer, poet as well as a humanist. His stories such as Phulwali and ChoteaniMothe are very famous. Some of his plays such as YayatianiDewanyani and Rajumukut are loved by many.
5. AnandYadav
One of AnandYadav’s most loved works is his autobiography ‘Zombi’(meaning ‘fight against all odds’). It also won a SahityaAkademi Award in 1990. AnandYadav was also elected as a president of 82nd Marathi SahityaSammelan.
Most of the amazing work of the Marathi writers is available in the form of Marathi eBooks, Best Ebook Reader App .
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