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Llife with husband
- Mrs. Lost unsaid
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This is my experience in my life. I wanted say to every girl who wanted to marry a Muslim man to think twice before marry. Please, if you are involved with one of these guys think twice --Don’t just jump like me. I’m not saying all other religion men are good … there are good and bad in all religions. This is about my life with a Muslim hub. I know after reading my article, many muslims or others may argue with me saying that this is not in all families or we are very royal and broad minded bla bla bla… who cares! What ever you are to the outer world……… you are always same inside!. Or 90% of them are like this! And this is very TRUE! I don’t want to listen your lectures! Looking back to my college days, I first met this guy, who was very charming, and full of promises (which are of course all lies). I felt that yes… he is the one for me. I almost argued and lost every thing for him. I ignored my family’s pain and troubles I was giving them. All I had in my mind was love and love. To marry him, I even threatened my parents, and lot more which cannot be put in words. Emotions played a major role and my parents kept quit since I were a major. He converted me to Islam, giving me a new name, saying it’s the important thing to get the support or affection of his family. I did that since he promised me that it will remain only on papers and will never affect me personally. (Lie again). Then the marriage, was very simple with few friends. I along with my some friends sat in a room, with all giggles and excited when a man came in and made me say “khubool hain” 3 times, and gave me some papers to sign and that’s it, he said Mubarak .. you got married. I said oh that’s all!! This is so easy and all my friends laughed. (There are no promises and nothing) that day.. I never ever thought about what I was doing. Before I can relize I’ve already stepped into a cluster of thorns. The first two months were sweet. And then the real life started. My in-laws, first opposed and then they accepted since my husband has converted me to Islam. I started to do everything what they say just out of love for him. I started accepting my life as it came by. I have chosen this life and I decided to prove everyone that I didn’t do a mistake and wanted to be a good and faithful wife. I started to accept them for what they are and finding the good in them and learn to love people who have nothing in common with me. My in-laws and husband gave a lot of book regarding Islam written in English. They started teachings about women and Islam, regulating me from what kind of food I should eat and what type of attire I should wear and what kind of people I should make friends with etc. That was my first shock. I don’t have any choice. There is no request, everything is a command. I was ordered to cover my head and use a burkah when going out. It was so akward but still I kept quit. I were not allowed to do anything of my wish, coz Islam dose not allow a women to decide. Everything was done according to man’s wish. I cannot do this, I cannot do that, I cannot go alone anywhere. It was like a closed life in a free world. If we go to out on picnics, we cannot eat at good restaurants, since they belong to kafirs. Though the hotel is very filthy and covered with flies and dirt, still we have to eat only at certain restaurants where they think they sell halaal meat. (they think that only these hotels have a Halaal meat) no matter how dirty they cook. Due to this I avoided going out. Slowly they ordered me to avoid my entire family, since they are kafirs? (A non Muslims) Today, I realize what a shameful act I have done.

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