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The Trip cannot forget
- Miss sruthi laya
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Was Looking at my snaps that I took during travel and also the videos that I took on the last tamilnadu trip. I was also watching the travel and living channel yesterday, he was showing India Explored in which they were wandering in some forest. That reminded me of our last trip to Tamilnadu, how the Kerala and Tamilnadu trip packages were different (when I went to the tourism and browsed). There was safari and beaches in the Kerala package and temples and seashores in the Tamilnadu trip. This reminded me of some programme I watched in childhood. Durng school and college DD used to present some University Grants comission programmes in the afternoon on TV. During holidays I used to watch them. I already had plans to do engg during college. I was watching one of the programmes in which he had shown that there is a special course on temple architecture in Mtech in some annamalai or some University. I was so fascinated by the programme that during the first year of engg I used to say I will do my Mtech there and some people asked 'what men you will construct temples or what?' But may be that was right not much business. But later I got transfer to Instrumentation and became a software engg. Now last year when we wanted to go for a family trip then we liked the tamilnadu one and started. specific places in the trip were Kodaikanal which we already went earlier, Rameshwaram, Tanjavur, Kanyakumari & Rock memorial... I took my handycam and gave the camera to my cousin who came with us.

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