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Fighting the stars
- Miss sruthi laya
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The job interview went on well. I seemed to have answered most of the questions and my experience is my asset. The training that my teachers had given me in facing interviews, facing interview board kind of articles that I read in competition success etc helped me in the interview. Then I brought some changes in my own team by using some management tools which is the effect of the questions that they asked. Months passed by. I gave up hope. Then I was on yahoo chat my childhood friend came online after a long time. I was cheered a bit. This is after a long time after we fought. I went home and told my parents about it. My father said its ok you got the job that you are waiting for all through your life. I donno how my stars were at that time. But some luck had come thru into my life, a ray of hope after a long time. Still there is some technical Test that I should clear. All these days we have been browsing and writing tests on the net. Reading and some combined study with couleagues. Any spare time we get we used to spend on reading and working. Later on I understood I was more prepared than expected. But still the ill fate has not left me yet. The day had finally come. I took permission from office and started in my vehicle. The vehicle is usually in proper condition. Suddenly as I reached a cross road the tire had gone flat. Now I realize I had kept cool at that time. I coolly saw that there was a puncture guy. There is not enough time to get that done and go thou I started quite early. I left the vehicle with him and looked around. To my fate there was not a single auto. I remembered in child hood it was raining and my friend had fever, we asked for lift and a maruthi van took us to school. I tried and was very confident that seeing my face they will give lift. very much belived in face value.I was shocked to see that no one gave lift.

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