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my experience past
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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My experience past 1.I remember my tricycle and boots given by my daddy. And he was a guard when I was born and he used to give me a red and green flags to wave at railway station when trains / empty engines pass by at Radhanagar. 2.Since 1955 I used to sing any classical song in whistle. This was a God given gift to me In my Engineering college, when only professors call me and ask me, then only I used to go on to the stage and sing classical songs and it was a thrilling experience. For many minutes clapping used to go on each time sang. 3.By the way the link which got me into Telugu People’s .com entry is only because of whisle the ID I selected. you know HOW? From my wistling capacity, whistle minus “t” is = whisle which is my Profile ID . 4.When I was studying 9th /10th class I used to listen Veena being taught to girls in our house and I used to follow, and , one day the blind veena teacher was training playing ‘Thyaga Raya keertana ,”Anupama Gunaammbudhe ;” When I was listening a raga plus alapana there was a mistake and I corrected wonderfully .The blind teacher knew that I was singing and he said” is it Venkata ramanamurty “ Yes said my cousin . 5.I remember when I visited Rishikesh in 1961 along with my father, my father introduced me to Sri Swamy Sivananda the President of Divine Life Society whom SRI sai Baba too visited some time probably in 1960’s or so. When my father told Sri Sivanada Swamy who was my father’s Guru that I can sing beautiful songs of classical type. Very soon Swamy asked me to sing. . Father said do sing Krishna Mukunda Murare”. Soon, without waiting any time I sung in whistle the song in full length with innate prayer to Lord Krishna. Sri Sivananda Swamy within few minutes awarded me a certificate giving the award as “Gana sudhakara in whistle on 17th May 1961. 6.A memorable day when I joined in Army in 63 as a young officer. I had a chance to sing the ”ajeeb dasatha hi ye “ a hindi song at Secunderabad and every one congratulated my talent and the next day in RSI, our Lt col H.S Banga head dept introduced to me to GOC Madras Area Lt Gen L.P. Sen telling him “Sir! Meet my young officer. He is a Whistle master. Next day there was a musical performance held and when I sang “kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aatha hai” and it was thrilling and they clapped for 10 minutes And the wife of Commander Sub Area came up to the stage and congratulated me (1963) 7.In each function / official functions when ever I am asked I got every time 1st prizes number of times. 8.When I was at Pune in a Base workshop,top most General congratulated me, me being a 2/ lt speaking, discussing all technical problems on behalf of Commanding officer.. I was promoted and made me to command a Station workshop at Pulgaon near Nagpur in March 1969. 9.When parents visited Tirupathi I was born and I was named as Venkata Ramanamurty When I was young say 7 yrs or so I was taken to Thirupati and my thread ceremony was done there. 10.When I was suffering from Typhoid in 1947 I was taken out from house and awaiting to know weather I will survive or not, A doctor saw aid he will try an injection and was taken inside the house and I was alive .The Dr’s name was Venkanna Pantulh, 11.When I was around 16 yrs I saw a movie of Lord Krishna at Adra in Manbhum Dist. I was in a deep penance that night. Parents woke me up and said that I should study, later get married and being in gruhastha ashram also one can pray and I listened to them . 12.During intermediate at Vizg I used to go to Ramakrishna Ashram sing, songs there and even taught Bhaja govindanm song to the Barahma chari there. Also I had an opportunity of singing many songs of Lord Krishna on Krishna ‘s birth day there. 13.Satya Sai Baba saved me in war and ensured that I should do M.E at IISc, Bangalore and gave darsana many a time He saw that I should be at Agra where the unit is dealing electronics. 14.Later He got me posted to Secunderabad to teach as Professor for 7 yrs. Subsequently, I was working as General Managers in four electronic firms for 5 Yrs It is all God’s grace. 16.When I was in Intermediate I appeared in a Sanskrit essay writing All India competition where I stood first. I saw Sri Akkineni Nageswara Rao too. - Venkata Ramanamurty Mallajosyula

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