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Home Remedies
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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1.Running Nose: Make a decoction of dried ginger. Have 1 tbsp of this decoction and keep yourself warm. Take this thrice a day. Significant improvement is seen in two days. 2.Cough and Cold: Fry a few peppercorns in pure ghee. Mix it with an equal proportion of sugar and powder it. Have this ‘Churan’ ½ tsp three times a day. 3.Cold and body ache: Jeera, black pepper, dhaniya - seeds and dried ginger should be taken in equal quantities, Roast the above spices and powder them.4 cups of water, and a tsp of the above powder and 2-3 cloves. Boil till the water reduces to half its initial quantiy. Add 1tbs jaggery. Sip the concoction and rest. 4.Dry cough: Roast turmeric well and grind it to a powder. Have 1tbs of this powder twice a day for 3-4 days. You will be surprised. 5.Voice train; Boil 1 cup of water. Add 1tbs of ajwain and boil well. Add a pinch of salt. Sip and enjoy. 6.Headache: Grind fresh ginger into a paste and apply over temples and fore head. Grind cinnamon in lemon juice, apply over temples and forehead and rest. If headache is after spending some time in hot sun, grind skin of a lemon to a fine paste and apply over temples and forehead. Take 1tsp of fresh neem leaves, have it and rest. For headaches, which recur every day, apply clove oil at sunrise and sunset. 7: Indigestion: Grind black pepper and a few cloves of garlic to a paste to a chutney like consistency.1tsp of this chutney to be had after every meal. Pudina leave should be dried and powdered. Have pudina tea instead of tea. 8.Bloated abdomen: Boil a cup of water and add 10-12 cloves, Boil for 5 min. Have this clove tea. 9.Gas in the abdomen: Mix ½ tsp of garlic juice and ½ tsp onion juice and have it. Add 2 tsp of roasted jeera to 1 cup of water , boil and make a decoction. When the quantity water reduces to half. Have it with a marble size of butter. 10.Pain in abdomen: Powder cinnamon, add to waer, boil and make a decoction, add milk and have it. Have 1 tsp ajwain with a pinch of salt. Have a raw onion with a pinch of salt. 11.Vomiting.Mix lemon juice and sugar. Sip this frequently. Powder cinnamon, mix it with equal qty of honey. Have a small qty every 15mins. 12.Loose motion: Have 1tsp ajwain with water. Have 1tsp powdered methi with 1 cup butter milk. 13.Lack of appetite: Chew a small piece of fresh ginger after each meal. Roast and powder black pepper. Have a pinch of black pepper powder with 1 tsp honey three times a day. 14.For fresh breath: Rinse your mouth with salt water twice a day. Chew 1tsp coriander seeds well and spit it out. 15.For Hiccups : Chew a clove. Hiccups subside immediately. 16.Sleeplessness:Have a ripe mango followed by a glass of milk. Soak 1tsp poppy seeds for 1-2 hrs, grind id with 5 tbsp freash coconut,mix it with a glass of milk and add 1 tbsp honey. Have this before going to sleep. 17:Itchy patches over a skin: Grind raw potato with lemon juice and apply. Apply pineapple juice locally. 18:Corn foot: Tie small piece of nimbu over the corn and leave it overnight. Repeat for 2-3 nights. 19.Insects bites (Ants and Mosquitoes): Rub table salt over the bite. Itching and burning sensation subsides immediately. 20.Scorpion sting: Place 1-2 crystals of potassium permanganate over the sting and swueeze 1-2 drops of lemon juice. Burning sensation and pain subside within 10 min. 21Bee sting; Rub ½ an onion over the sting. 22.Heat: When you find the heat unbearable, try having lack tea, steaming hot with a dash of lemon. 23.Burning eyes: Eat a raw onion every day. 24: Dark spots on face: Grate a radish and squeeze the juice out. Mix it with equal quantity of buttermilk, apply, and wash off after an hour. 25:Instant facial: Mix 2 tsp cream, a pinch of turmeric powder, and 1 tbsp besan. Apply over face. Wash off after ½ hour. Do not use soap or any cleaners. Pat dry. 26:Cracked heels, feet: Crush an onion, apply and tie a cloth. Leave over night. Take 2mugs of hot water, add 1 tbsp cooking soda. Immerse feet for 10-15 minutes every day for 3 days. Crack vanish. 27.Acne, pimples: Apply juice of crushed Durva grass on the lesion, pimples and narks vanish. Make a paste of asafetida with water and apply. Mix honey and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply. Wash of after an hour. 28:Deodorants: Grind pomegranate leaves over body while having a bath. 29.Gen weakness: Try having 4-5 tsp Durva grass juice with luke-warm milk every day. 30:Dysmenhorrea: Have chiwda soaked on curds.

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