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Two to Tango
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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TWO TO TANGO- Twins not to be separated in schools. (EDUCATION) There is a unique school in Tamil Nadu has as may as 59 pairs of twins. In the small town of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu , known for its fire cracker factories, there is a school. On the outside, there is nothing surprising or spectacular about this 110-year old establishment with its large campus and neat white washed building. But the Sivakasi Higher secondary school has an amazing feat to its name. It has largest number of twins in any school-59 pairs to be precise. Of these, three pairs are teachers. There is a world record and the school hopes to be recognized as such by the Guinness Book of World Records, which currently credits the Louis Martial School Brooldyn- USA having 29 pairs in 1999. Considering that the world average for the birth of twins is 1 in 80 births or 1.25 % percent the school campus with a population of around 10,000 students is quite remarkable. But how come so many twins happen to be studying in the same school? “It’s a coincidence. We had twin students earlier too but in the past few years, this number has swelled “ says the principal, School, who feels that there has been an increase in the number of twin births in the area due to improved medical facilities and availability of fertility drugs, Of the 59 pairs of twins while 50 are fraternal or dizygotic twins. Of the total number of children, 50.8 % the total number of children, 50.8% are both boys, 17.5% are both girls, while 31.7% are a boy and a girl pair. Two identical sisters who are teachers in the schools are almost impossible to distinguish between them. Their physical appearance is not restricted to only their features- nose, face cuts- but even to their teeth. In fact, they have the same tastes in clothes, food, and music. They developed a bond over the years. On the contrary five year - old boys are not keen on the idea of being twins. A teacher and mother of twin daughters who are 25 yrs old now, says tales of how, as infants, the same baby would be fed twice and medicine administered to the healthy sibling instead of the ailing one some times. But over the years, she could identify by their talk, and mannerism. But the teachers and friends always are mistaken one for the other. Both girls wanted to marry the same kind of men at the same time , it is a tough job for the mother. In a different case 16 year old boys suddenly changed in their physical appearances, Now they can be identified. Both of them excel academically and they also come first and second. They both want to do Engineering and both want to go abroad. The principal says he has s many twins with him in the school. He says “Our school is the perfect place to study twin behavior. The school authorities are conducting a research on “problems of twins and necessary measures to be taken.” They want twins to be in the same class. The tried to separate in different sections, which lead to emotional distress and their grades suffered. Twins are always playing tricks to get each other out of trouble, while causing trouble for everybody else. While parents are proud to have twins and are happy with the attention they receive from society. It is a strain financially. When it comes to issues like higher education and marriage it is much more burden on the parents. The principal is petitioning the government to provide some kind of concession or financial aid to parents of twins. He hopes his study will help in understanding twin behavior and may attract more scientific people to come and conduct research at the school. Meanwhile all the 118 children are proud to be a part of the school’s world record. -Prof: Venkata Ramanamurty Mallajosyula

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