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Articles: Literature
A Man of No Consequence
- Dr. Rajeshwar Mittapalli
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Inferiority, Individual Psychology and Cultural Determinism: An ‘Indian Complex’ in Ra.Vi.Sastri’s A Man of No Consequence Alpajeevi [A Man of No Consequence]is based on Adler’s theory of Inferiority Complex. According to this theory inferiority complex sets in during one’s childhood itself, and after coming of age it leads to abnormal behaviour. Adler theorised that the influence of the environment, especially one’s family environment during the childhood years, plays a crucial role in moulding human behaviour. He suggested that in course of one’s later life if a traumatic event takes place, it brings back to memory the childhood experience and enables one to fight inferiority complex by bringing about a clear understanding. The insignificant man, Subbaiah, of this novel has been created following the principle of inferiority complex. His getting caught in a difficult situation, his extricating himself from it, and his gaining a hitherto unexperienced self-confidence—these are in nutshell the main points of the story.1 — R.S. Sudarshanam I wanted to reserve some sympathy for the clerk [the protagonist] when I started writing the novel. But by the time I reached its end I lost much of my sympathy for him. I don’t know why it happened like that. …I was surprised when Bharati came forward to serialize the novel. I was ashamed of and irritated with the idea of the novel appearing under my own name, and not pseudonymously. I don’t use a pseudonym any more. The shame too is gone. But the irritation remained.2 — Ra.Vi.Sastri

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