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Glamorous Politics
- Mr. T.R.Sridhar Prasad. Uppalapati.
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Why so many parties in Andhra Pradesh? : The answer to this is two fold, one is communal and the other may be personal greediness to become C.M. In Andhra Pradesh many forward castes do exist such as Reddy, Kamma, Brahmin, Velama, Kapu, Kshatriya, Vysyaetc. Late NTR belongs to Kamma community and after he became C.M. of Andhra Pradesh, 2 more kammas too occupied the throne, viz Nadendla Bhaskar rao and Chandra babu naidu. Thus totally 3 kamma men became C.M.s in A.P.'s history sofar. Chiranjeevi belongs to Kapu community and sofar there is no C.M from his community and according to some critics, Chiranjeevi wants to prove that there is one Kapu C.M. Among the 14 C.M.s so far since 1956, three belong to Kamma; one is valama and the other one from brahmin, one is also from SC and the remaining all from Reddy community. After independence, Reddys ruled the state of Andhra Pradesh for the longest period. The new parties : Besides INC; BJP; CPI-M; CPI-L; TDP; TRS; TDP(NTR), the following new parties were floated by some prominent people in recent years. 1. Prajarajyam Party(PRP) by Megastar Chiranjeevi. 2. Nava Telangana Party (NTP) by Devender Goud. 3. Loksatta party by an ex IAS officer Jayaprakash Narayana. 4. Talli Telangana Party (TTP) by actress Vijayasanthi. The TRS, NTP, TTP etc have the same agenda i.e. to separate Telangana region from the remaining two regions, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra and to head it. These parteis opine that the Telangana region is the most backward region when compared to the remaining two regions. The Loksatta party's primary agenda is to eradicate corruption. Expected outcome in 2009 elections : It depends on many factors. such as the type of candidates in the fray, their party's agenda, extent of impressing the voters, Coverage of the constituencies by the parties during the elections etc. All the film stars mentioned above do have good fan following. Due to the complex nature of A.P.'s society and the possibility of many stars contesting the 2009 elections we can expect a hung and glamorous assembly.

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