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‘Carnival Holiday’
- Mrs. sharmila Sanka
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There were hundreds of varieties of food there and it was like a party everyday with around 50+ varieties of Desserts. That night we had a formal dinner in the special dining room. Every passenger had to dress up in elegant attire. We being Indians wore our traditional Indian attire. There was a professional photographer who would take number of pictures of us before we got in to the restaurant. As usual we had Indian food for dinner with delicious desserts. We spent the entire day in the ship. We were on our journey for 36 hours to reach Mexico the third day. Few days before our journey, we booked our tickets in advance on the internet for Parasailing and jeep riding. So we didn’t waste any time after we got down the ship at Cozumel, Mexico. It was very thrilling to do double ride parasailing, with no one right in the middle of the deep ocean but me and my husband with life jackets on hanging high up in the sky. Our boat was behind us giving us an assurance in case of an emergency. We enjoyed the beautiful nature around us amidst the vast ocean. I really never expected I could ever sit up high above the deep ocean. I couldn’t resist without wondering how the Almighty could create such a beautiful life force i.e. water. It was not at all scary but thrilling. Even the 9 year old kids had so much fun parasailing. It was more thrilling when our feet were dipping in the water as we were landing on our boat after the ride. Then we rented an open jeep with a guide in another jeep leading us to various places in Cozumel. We went for snorkeling where we could wear special goggles, life jacket and fins and then lie down with our head down in the ocean only to see the beings and rocks under water so clearly. I was flabbergasted to find hundreds of fish moving around my leg even without my knowledge. I couldn’t even feel them. It was very thrilling to see everything in the ocean water so clearly. Then we had typical Mexican food for lunch-Tortillas and Fajitas (spelt fajitas). The food was also a part of our jeep tour. Our guide was very kind to provide us with sodas and water whenever we needed on that sunny day. The guide next took us to Mayan ruins and spoke about year 2012 saying that Mayan calendar would end on 21st December 2012 and a new Era would begin where there would be nothing but goodness on Earth. It was always the most interesting topic of my life. We went back to our ship that evening and our third day ended so busily. The ship started its sojourn to Calica that night and we reached there early morning around 5A.M. We got down the ship and went to the beach for several hours, did some shopping and came back to our ship for dinner and had a good night’s sleep after our tiring forth day. The whole of next day, we were on the ship with some of our group enjoying the Sunrise and Sunset with the colorful rays beautifully resting on the waves of the gigantic ocean.

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