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Fighting the stars
- Miss sruthi laya
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I started walking and there was an auto after I walked a bit. I took the auto paid him money and reached the destination. The I came to know that there is another building where the exam is happening. I just had 10/15 mins which was exactly the time that one can take to reach there. The lift had not come and I took the stairs and reached. Thanks to my over punctuality I had buffer time for all these things. But the lucky part of it, may be the pooja I had done to saraswathy and all my travels to basara had come in my favour. The exam went on well. The HR was a bit rude but I did not much care about it. I wrote the exam and went back to the puncture guy. Gave him some moneyand took the vehicle. For a surprise all these things did not have any impact on me and I was not at all nervous. This is the big change that I had seen in me in these years. How nervous I was when I wrote second year exams and then after so many years see me facing all the obstacles and then writing the exam so bravely. (some European lady later on complemented on my trip to onsite that I am brave as I am living alone in a foreign country). I think this is called fighting against your stars. Finally I got the job and my journey for livelihood may be had started. Which company and what is a trade secret. Message : Be brave and cool. Luck and stars only will come your way.

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