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- Mrs. srilakshmi maturi
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Page should have process order button and a Order value button which calculates the current order value and recalculates order value with every increase / decrease in order and quantity ordered Further on selecting Akai The should be a Tab menu in some [preferred right hand corner] Tab menu has 4 tabs [Address, Contact, Specialty, Other] these details need to be picked of for the selecting made in this case akai from the database I should be able to add to cart from multiple categories for example after selecting TV, I wish to move to the Washing machine section, on selecting the model the new order value should be populated taking into account the previous pending order under process Currently no cross over is possible, meaning I cannot cross over from Akai to Aiwa without completing the Akai order Process order : On click populate the order list Again the option of editing the order is possible, [increase / decrease order quantity and also uncheck the item to remove completely from order] Order value to show current value of order after increasing decreasing the final order to be placed Schedule order current date and not < current date + 10 days If store Is closed on date of order or at time of order Do not process unless is a pre order within business hours of client Place order button Place order Display Order No {to be generated] Particulars of order Order Amount Select mode of delivery Home Delivery or pick up Add Delivery charges [to be picked from the database] varies from member to member and delivery location Other Charges [ to be picked from the database]

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