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- Mrs. srilakshmi maturi
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Website Specification Homepage : 4 images of Electronics, and a bigger image of a door to indicate door step delivery. 7 options in a menu 100 words content 9 links [contact us, about us etc] members login page 4 Static Pages 200 word content, 1 image, 1 header 7 options in a menu 9 links [contact us, about us etc] Search database [for main page and inside static pages] City [example, Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Pune Hyderbad] Default = Mumbai Delivery Pincode [validate pincode with city codes] Category [drop down / intellisearch need with 30 categories] Display Search : 5 options in menu Display search and listings in 8 groups On selection: Display Details of listing, including filters For example : If I select Electronic as a category And the Display shows search listing in 8 groups and I wish to see A-D listing which has 6 listings so I click on the 1th group A-D Display list has Akai, Aiwa, Ami, Abi, Ani brands I Click on Akai, opens new window Displays Akai in header Displays if store is open [check for timings of store] IF closed give note and process as a pre order Subcategories populated for Akai eg TVs Audio, Washing Machine,Computers, All products I Select TV, the engine populates a list of TVs Color 14 inch Color 21 inch Color 29 inch LCD 21 inch Displays Serial no, Item Description, Rate, Order check box on selecting check box, Quantity required input is enabled

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