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- Mrs. srilakshmi maturi
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Select Payment option [cash] [card] Check if logged in [process if logged in] If not logged in Enter Name Enter City Enter Mobile No Enter Password received via SMS How do I get the password via SMS Pre-generated codes are stored in a database When user sends an sms to our longcode SP required for Reading input parameters < number> Assign 1 code to that mobile no Send code along with preset text to incoming mobile number [preset text = hi Joshua your password is xxxx] System should trap name and mobile no on being entered and stored into the database When input parameters are sent in the sp, match mobile in input with mobile no in database if matched display name in return sms Else just send password If logged in and payment = Cash Validate mobile no [a delhi mobile number cannot order in Mumbai to pay in cash] If not valid do not process order Display preset text indicating order cannot be processed in cash mode and ask do u wish to move to card payment If yes move to card If no abandon transaction with preset text If valid Display preset text with order value, order no, name date Important There would be a deduction made from the members account (Akai)[confidential, would be discussed later] Prepare order into 300 char max Incl 75 char address for delivery [input by user] Incl 10 digit mobile no [default no of user] Serial no of item ordered for every item ordered Payment mode (cash on delivery = COD) Qty of each item ordered Total value of order Order No Eg [ Or no 1908 D-102 sumeet sadan behind paradise cinema 400016 1(1), 7(3), 9(1), 234(1), 753(3) Total Rs 35,000 ] COD Insert record into table

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