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Is Telugu the sweetest?
- Miss spandana varma
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May be that is true and that's the reason most of the kirtanas in carnatic music are in Telugu but not in any other language. So many non-telugu speaking people praised Telugu that no other language has got so much praise. British call it as Italian of the east. But I am sure even Italian wouldn't be so sweet as Telugu. It is the British who wrote the Dictionary of English -Telugu.(C.P.Brown) What made them to praise telugu..& Love telugu. May be knowledge, which we don't have. The mix of Telugu and Sanskrit is awesome. What people call as 'Sanskrit Andhra'. Telugu is also believed as a classical language but not yet recognized. It is believed that the Brahmins rather than the Pure Telugu gave the importance to 'sanskritandhra' in the olden days. The native word for namaskara or namaste is only there in very few languages. In Tamil it is called Vanakkam. In Telugu there are two alternatives 'Dandalandi' or 'Mangineelu'. But unfortunately non-are used these days. Telugu people use more namaskaram or namaste, which is derived from Sanskrit. I personally feel the sweet languages in India are Telugu and Hindi. They both are sweet as well as musical. The mix of Telugu with Sanskrit and the mix of Hindi with Urdu are the best. These two highly spoken languages in India. Some believe Bengali is highly spoken language in India after Hindi, which is not true. Telugu is widely spoken in India after Hindi. Bengali is also widely spoken after Hindi and Telugu. It is also believed that Bengali is also one of the sweet language in India. But my personal opinion is Telugu is most powerful, sweetest language. Any expression can be easily made in Telugu.One may feel that it can happen with every language, but if you know Telugu you will change your opinion. Telugu is more powerful in all navarasas of life. Shringar - Love Hasya - Comic Karuna - Sadness Raudra - Furious Veera - Heroic Bhayanak - Terrible Vibhats - Disgusting Adbhuta - Wonderment Shanta - Peace All that I can say is Telugu is simply the best. I sincerely pray god that I should be born as a Telugite in all my births. Be proud to be a Telugite.

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