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Posted By: book hungama at: 13, Aug 2018 3:44:18 PM IST
3 EBooks You Can’t Miss This Month
Books and stories are something that stay with us for a long-long time. Some stories are etched on our minds and some stories at times change the course of our lives. Authors and novelists have a unique way of depicting life in various forms through their stories. Introduction of eBooks in the world have caused a stir in the reading world. Now it is easy to carry 100s of books wherever and whenever you want. Accessing any book you want and downloading it has become super easy. Bookhungama provides you guys with an ebook reader app where you can buy as many Marathi ebooks or any other ebooks you wish to read.
Here are some of the awesome ebooks you must read…
1. Interpreting Patanjali’s Yogadarshana – Theory & Practice – Veena Londhe
Yogadarshana has prevailed since ancient times. It is applicable to all, be it any gender space and time. The practise of this ancient form not only helps you achieve a balanced state of mind but it also assists you in getting rid of all the pain and suffering. The author Veena Londhe insists the readers to practise this form and witness the change in their lives.
You can get it here -

2. Swami Vivekanadachi Goshta – Dattatreya Damodar Joshi
Swami Vivekanand was not only a great man but also a humble and a learned soul. The author Dattatreya Damoda Joshi has written many anecdotes and stories from the life of this great saint. These stories include stories about Swami’s valour, his kind nature, his way of living and his habit of helping the poor.
You can purchase it here -

3. Missed call – (Original English Author – Uday Pathak, Translation by – Sharadkumar Madgulkar)
This story is about a sad and an unfortunate incident that took place. Every human being has to go through some kind of grief in certain phase of his/her life. This story reveals the journey of the sufferer and how he learns from this life changing incident.
You can read it here -

Bookhungama provides the best services to the readers. It is not only an ebook reader app but also an audiobook app. Every month great ebooks are released be it Marathi ebooks or English ebooks. All you have to do is get a hold of them and enjoy reading!
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