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Posted By: book hungama at: 25, Sep 2018 2:54:09 PM IST
4 Interesting Facets about Ebooks
Ebooks have always been a great and easy source to read from. Being easily accessible and super convenient to carry to different places, eBooks have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Also thanks to digital age and invent of ‘kindle’ the demand for eBooks is increasing. Many may debate that the authenticity and the feel of the printed books are way better than eBooks but eBooks definitely have loads of advantages over the paperbacks or hardcovers.
Well here are certain things that you would like to know about eBooks if you considering writing one or buying one…
1. No fixed layout
As far as eBooks are concerned, you can easily adjust the fonts and make it bigger or smaller according to your convenience. Whether you are reading it in landscape mode or in a portrait mode, all the letters, images and other important facets of the ebook can adjust themselves to fit in. There are eBooks with fixed-layout which are available in case somebody prefers them for their specific devices.

2. This one is for all the writers – conversions are important
The content of the Ebook should be converted to various formats. People use many devices to read eBooks and hence it becomes very necessary that the content is converted to various formats to suit the devices be it Kindle, iPad, a Sony reader or a desktop.

3. Environment Friendly
Paperbacks and hardcovers require a lot of papers (for obvious reasons) which means cutting more tress. EBooks help to save all the paper as they belong to the digital age. In the current environment scenes it is very important to do our bit in saving the planet. Buying an eBook will surely help you do your bit in saving the planet.

4. EBooks have their own perks
Ebooks can contain animation, videos, audios and many more such things which will help the writer to convey his/her message in a more profound way. Ebooks also helps people with not so good eyesight as they can adjust the font in the way that makes it feasible for them to read.
At Bookhungama we provide you with all kinds of Ebooks be it Marathi EBooks or Hindi Ebooks, everything is available. We even encourage new writers to publish their eBook as we provide eBook publishing services and also are one of the best eBook publishers.
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