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A monogram is a design that incorporates the overlapping. cheap monogram necklace are all the rage nowadays, so you may want to get one for yourself as a part of a revamped wardrobe. The beauty about these necklaces is that they provide an option for individuals who do not want to include their full names in the pieces of jewelry they adorn. Seeing as a monogram is made from just a few letters, it means that often, the design will incorporate the initials of the client as they want them to appear. Many companies that design and sell monogram necklaces have different policies regarding their products, but this remains a common feature for many stores. There are numerous designs that you get to choose from when you go shopping for any monogram jewelry, necklaces included. The first is the material that has been used. Ideally, necklaces and indeed many pieces of jewelry are made from a wide range of materials. For the conservative type, these monogram necklaces are made from beads which are skillfully laid out to create the initials as per the request of the client. Should the client go for the beads option, it is important that the beads are made from one material of the same density lest they end up looking shabby. It is also vital that the client selects someone who is adept at this kind of work due to the skills that it requires. Wood may also be used to carve out the desired initials. Just as with the beads, it is important to get someone whose expertise is wood ornaments. The thing with wood however, is that one must be prepared to take care of the monogram necklace. Failure to do this leads to the tarnishing of the necklace, in effect losing its glow. If well preserved however, the necklace will definitely last long enough to remind you of the sentimental attachment you have with the neck piece. Occasionally, ceramic may be used although this is a rare. People who opt for this style will usually admit to having an artsy side that makes them want to venture into such works. Ceramic jewelry, if well made provides one with the chance to look the part and stand out from the crowd. It however, requires caution, especially because carving out the initials predisposes the neck piece to breakage if mishandled. For this reason, this does not make the ideal material if you are keen to gift your child with a monogram necklace. Enter the different metals available for the designing of your necklace and you are literally spoilt for choice. First, there is the use of sterling silver, a favorite for many. The beauty about sterling silver is that it goes quite well with just about any skin tone. Whether you are dark or light, the shimmer of the silver monogram necklace against the skin produces a unique glow. The effects of this glow are further multiplied in the daytime since natural light provides the perfect ambience for you to adorn this master piece. At night, the look is just as awesome as the sterling silver neck piece glimmers in the dark, making it the perfect accessory for your evening functions. So go ahead and acquire that stunning look with this piece. Gold is yet another metal that is used to personalized monogram necklace. Long revered both for its purity as well as its numerous uses, gold is also a favorite for many people. In fact, some people love gold so much so that when shopping for jewelry, they would rather mix and match with silver accessories than forego their cherished gold pieces. The good news about this is that there are several types of gold so to speak, and each type is determined by the content of pure gold in it. This purity is measured in karats, abbreviated as k. This is why you will come across 14k, 18k gold, just to mention a few.


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