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Costume Name Necklace and Fashion Necklace Is There a Difference

It has been a common first notion that when people hear the word Name Necklace, they tend to think of expensive gold and precious stones. Whilst it is still true that gold, platinum and precious stones are still expensive, we have long had numerous options for accessories that are within regular consumer¡¯s reach. The only usual confusion lies with the term that we use for these beautiful, creative and affordable pieces.

Jewelry aficionados know that there are a number of jewelry types available and the terms used to describe jewelry are often interchanged or are interchangeable and it can get confusing. We have heard of costume jewelry as well as fashion jewelry and the question comes to mind if there is indeed a difference among the two. According to my online research, yes, there is a difference between the two and we¡¯ll explore what difference is that in this blog. Can they be considered different in the real sense? Or is it just another way of calling the other?

The simplest difference that we can identify between costume jewelry and the term fashion jewelry is the period when the two terms were used. The term costume jewelry was coined in the early 20th century, it is said to be the golden era of costume jewelry. It is a period when the Hollywood film industry was flourishing and they opted to use inexpensive materials in jewelry as ornaments for their actresses. It was used literally to embellish a ¡°costume¡±/outfit. Some say it was a convenient and practical move because it will require less investment and is less risky since jewelry can get lost, personalized name necklace stolen or even broken.

Rhinestones, silver, nickel, resin, leather and brass are the most common materials used for costume jewelry. To still have the sparkle of gold, costume jewelry is often made plated like gold plated which definitely cost less than a pure gold base. The demand for costume jewelry at this time only became more popular through Hollywood stars coincided with the machine age. Without the actual knowledge of a certain piece,
costume jewelry can actually be as gorgeous as the authentic ones.

The term fashion jewelry on the other hand, is said to be used later in the century. It carries the same notion as costume jewelry wherein it is jewelry that is beautiful and appealing while being affordable. Another difference you can find though between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry is that fashion jewelry is associated with more bold statements and current fashion and some consider its designs as short-lived compared to costume jewelry. Fashion jewelry is meant to follow fads and keep one¡¯s jewelry box updated with what¡¯s hip now.

Some say the difference lies in the materials used for costume and fashion jewelry. For some costume jewelry refers to jewelry that is made of plated precious metals and semi precious stones and that we also think of fashion jewelry in that sense but when we think of fashion jewelry, we also include casual designs that are made of materials such as plastic, rubber, simulated stones that come in different colors and even neons. Fashion jewelry is also said to include chic imitations of branded and expensive jewelry.

For the remaining population answering questions on the difference(s) of costume and fashion jewelry, the answer is that they are synonymous with each other and it¡¯s possible to use the terms interchangeably. Whichever idea you choose to believe, at the end of the day, having inexpensive but still glamorous-looking jewelry available is something that benefits many of us with a limited budget that are only looking for something that can add zing to our attire for a certain occasion.

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