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Articles: My Experience
Dreams-languages of God
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Dear Mr. Narayana, In ancient scriptures , snakes are discribed as demonic, as per your accounts that you have written here about the dreams. You have been posessed by one or more demons. Demons can not be removed by demons that is what exactly you are trying to do and explain. You are going to demons, to get rid of demons. No you must look to your creator God to remove all your demons that posessed you and doing all these gimmycs with your life. Don't be confused, Light is always Light, Darkness is always confusing. Any questions message me......

Posted by: Mr. Narasimharao RAO At: 14, Feb 2008 1:19:00 PM IST
I never used to concentrate. It is automatic. Tell me exactly what is required by you, in which area youwant me to concentrate, so that something can be worked out with the divine help. It is beyond human belief since humans use brain, but God is beyond the periphery of the brain. While doing Kundalini I am out of body

Posted by: Mr. Narayana Dadibattini At: 25, Sep 2007 6:51:26 PM IST
Your experiences look fanatastic. (Am not able to belive in them, though). Can you tell anything about me from your dreams?

Posted by: Mr. Prasad T At: 24, Jul 2007 10:03:43 PM IST
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