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Watch yourself
- Nazeer
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In silence, I visualize myself settled in my favorite spot- somewhere in the world... I am enjoying the surroundings... Suddenly I see myself appear in the distance, and he begin walking toward me, the person who is settled in that favorite spot. The person walking toward me - this other me- walks happily and with confidence. The face looks so peaceful and content. He look so beautiful and radiant. I observe and appreciate myself... What special qualities do I see?... What special talents or skills?... What else do I think I can be, I can do, if given the opportunity?... I enjoy looking at myself... I am feeling my uniqueness... I am special and valuable... Now... Slowly ... I become aware of 'here and now' I listen for all the sounds I can possibly hear- traffic, voices, movement, birds- and so on. I feel the movement of the air and feel the temperature. I become aware of my own breathing. Just being the observer of all these things, I situate myself in the centre of the space around me. In the same way that I am surrounded by all these things, I am at the centre of all my present situations- roles, responsibilities, relationships routines- so I bring myself to the centre of these and again, just observe them as a spectator. In this state of calm observation, I try to remember the MOST IMPORTANT STORY I had heard in my life - a story that has somehow had deep impact on me. the story can be a myth, a fable, a movie, or even a real story. I went through the details of the story in my mind, and think about its meaning. When the story is clear, I ask myself, 'What aspect of my inner world has this story evoked?' Is it love, happiness, realization, goodness? What comes to my mind? Now I just leave the story aside and stay with the feeling that it has brought up.

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