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viluveina saMpada
- Dr. anjaneyulu goli
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Everybody acquires material wealth to be happay and peaceful. We want to make ourselves up and have a pleasing personality. We wear ornaments of gold, silver, diamonds, perals like to enhance beauty and to exhibit our wealth or sampada. Some of them are gold chains, dimond neclaces, earrings, bracelets, vadranams and golden rings. So adorned, a person thinks of himself to be pleasing. But these externalities do not impart any trues beauty. Instead they create several problems of insecutity to life, enemity enviousness from others resulting in sleepless and peaceless life. Then what are the real adornments which enhances our beauty and bless us with peace and prosperity with good human relations? HASTASYA BHUSHANAM DAANAM SATYAM KANTHASYA BHUSHANAM KARNAYORBHUSHANAM SASTRAM BHUSHANAIH KIM PRAYOJANAM What is really beautiful to hand? Hastasya bhushanam daanam.A hand is supposed to be beautiful not when bedecked with bracelets, but when it gives bountifully to the needy. What is beautiful to neck? Satyam kanthasya bhushanam. When the neck is adorned with gold chains, it does not get the beauty to ears. Neck gets true beauty only when we speak truth. Satyameva jayate. Satyam Sivam Sundaram. What is beautiful to ears? Sravanat vastu vignanam - Karnabhyam bhuri visruvam. The ears shoulds never fail hear the spiritual truths which the sastras, Ramayanam, Bharatam and Bhagavadgita teach. Therefore, a person should give bountifully with hands to the needy. He should always speak the truth from the bottom of his heart. He should alsays hear what is wholesome and ethical. These are the real adornments for a person to enjoy and celebrate a life of peace and bliss - the soul of culture. Let us try to acquire this real wealth.

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