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Old Dairy
- naveen reddy
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This is an old page from the diary of my mind; so old it begins to crumble every time I touch it. It was my fifth year in school. I was in charge of law and order in my class when the teacher was away -- a nine-year-old policeman with the title of class leader, a wooden ruler my main law enforcement equipment. I must admit no one was actually afraid of me. But they were of my ruler. With it in hand, the law and order always remained under control. The unwritten penal code gave me only two choices to handle any situation. Either note down the name of the offender so s/he gets it from the teacher, or use the 'weapon' appropriately. The former was not very effective when too many of them were making noise. A long list on the black board just meant no one got punished. And that was precisely how it went most times, especially when the maximum trouble came from the girls. At the risk of being called an egoist, let me say something most guys will agree with: it is near impossible to keep a group of girls silent! No matter what you say or do, they cannot contain themselves. Moreover, since the teacher was generally a 'she', she was softer on them. So my ruler generously ruled the colorful section. That day I found it more difficult than usual to keep the girls silent. The reason for their increased agitation was this girl who came with her right hand full of colorful bangles. She was the centre of attraction and there were frequent busts of laughter, colored by the tingle of bangles. I realized the law and order situation was worsening. The policeman in me figured out an idea in no time -- keep the girl with bangles silent and the rest will follow suit. I executed my idea without delay. Stretching my hands, I reached the culprit with the ruler to hit her. The girl, still full of smiles, tried to block me with her hands -- and gosh!

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