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Congress Insulted Hindus
- Mr. Kiran Kumar
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Uthista O Bharatiya! Save the Honour of the Gods and Goddesses that we worship so dearly! --------------------- In 2007, Communist Kerala Government felicitated Artist M.F.Hussain with 2007 Raja Ravi Varma Award. MF Hussain has disrespected Hindu Gods and Goddesses in his paintings. Hussain's inappropriate paintings can be found at the following link MF Hussain shows contempt for Hindu sentiment and refuses to withdraw his painitings of Hindu gods and goddesses. The same MF Hussain who has utter disregard for Hindu sentiment, shows sensitivity for Muslim opinion. In 2004, he quickly withdrew his film Meenaxi, a day after some Muslim organisations raised objections to one of the songs in it. Read this link On October 9, 2006 Congress Prime Minister Manmohan Singh disregards the Hindu sentiment - and greets MF Hussain and meets him in London. All in the name of religious freedom and artistic expression! Then why did Congress and Communists give a warning to Taslima Nasreen -- You must have guessed by now. Because she is judged to have hurt Muslim sentiment. On Nov 24, 2007 congress, Left led UNPA issued a warning to Taslima. The UNPA also asked the author to apologise for her controversial writings. Taslima was attacked by MIM activists in Hyderabad. MIM vows to implement ˜fatwa™ against Taslima. Congress governmentt in Andhra Pradesh, maintained a deafening silence. The Andhra police released the politicians involved very quickly, and then filed a case against Taslima over the charge of insulting religious feelings. Where was Rajasekahara Reddy when M F Hussain insulted Hindu feelings? Why should Telugu people keep quite?

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