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Chiranjeevi in Politics
- Mr. T.R.Sridhar Prasad. Uppalapati.
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Every citizen of India has a right to choose whatever profession he/she would like to practice in India. The constitution of India gives freedom for its citizens by providing an article which states about the freedom of profession. But a citizen has to do SWOT analysis before choosing any profession. There is news about the telugu matinee idol, Chiranjeevi entering into politics. But the road ahead could be bumpy ride for him as the political situation or scenario is quite different now in the state of Andhra Pradesh when compared to the political scenario during 1980's. During which period the late NTR started a regional party and was highly successful not only in developing the state in various fields but also bringing an international repute to telugu people and to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Thus nobody can imitate the former C.M., late NTR as his charisma and popularity were quite different and he was unparalalled in the film industry during the yesteryears. Chiranjeevi's intention to enter into politics is quite different. And he is basically not interested to enter politics. But some of his family members have been forcing him to enter into politics, according to news reports. There is a saying: 'imitation is suicidal and envy is ignorance'. If some of the film stars like Rajanikanth, Mamootty, late Shivaji ganesan were wanted to imitate MGR and NTR they would not havebeen successful as their charisma and popularity are different and thus they cannot imitate the other stars who were successful. Thus Chiranjeevi cannot imitate late NTR, as most of the people of Andhra pradesh want to see him on the silver screen as a mass hero rather than as a politician. The former Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, late sri NTR, won the hearts of millions of telugu people due to his roles especially as Lord Krishna, Duryodhana, Rama and so on. And when he formed his political party, the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh was different. And hence he could win easily in elections and became the chief minister. Moreover his intentions to enter into politics were different, i.e., merely for uplifting the downtrodden. Due to his popularity,almost all the sections of society voted for him.

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