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A great father
- Mr. meegada ravi rama vara prasad prasad
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Hi Viewers, This is about My great father(late) Meegada Mallikarjuna Rao's life History. My Father was born on 6th May 1946 to Meegada Satyanarayana and Bhramaramba. His native is Kakinada. He used to be very active from childhood and had very good mind power, that made him to show a good interest in solving problems on Maths. At the early age of 20 he saw the Mytholigical film called 'Panduranga Mahatyam' and got an idea of acting. He did not look back, and had decided to act the very difficult charactor of that film called 'Pundareekudu'. He could successfully play the role on his school anniversy function. Acting on the stage is very difficult to anybody for the first time, but he did not faced any problem in acting that charecter for which he had got a great applause from audience. All the collegues and faculty members appreciated him and encouraged him a lot. This gave him a dynamic way for his great success in his life. After that, he decided to work on the scripts of different roles by revising different ethics, books and mytholigical stories. He used to prepare his own scripts and practice them. In this field there was no guru to him to teach but he used to watch regularly the mythological films to enhance his acting skills. At the same time he had shown interest in the sports also. He used to play Football, Throwball, Kabadi and also Running, for which he received lot of prizes. He was selected as a district football player and went round the state and country for events and succeded in it also. After completion of schooling and secondary education, he joined for B.A and secured state rank in it. Then he got selected in H.M.T as Asst. Engineer in Quality Control Inspection Department and worked for about 35 years. Later he had taken the Voluntry Retirement. Along with his job he used to play a number of stage shows, one act plays, mono actions and also skitts in famous auditoriums like 'Ravindra Bharathi', 'Rail kala Nilayam', 'Tyagaraya Ganasabha', 'Lalita Kala Thoranam', 'Hari Hara Kala Bhavan' etc'. He stood in first place for many times at all above stated auditoriums. He played all Mythological, Social, and sociofantasy roles like 'Rama, Krishna, Dhuryodhana, Ravanaasura, Karna, Alluri Sitaramaraju, Bhruhanala, Keechakudu, YamaDharmaraju, Gayudu, Ghatokhachudu, Vishwamitra, Indarjit, Chaanakya 'etc, and also as 'Doctor, Lawyer, Lecturer, Comedian, Inspector, RutherFord', and many more social roles. He used to practice dialogues for about 4 to 5 hours a day. He speaks the difficult dialouges like NAVAKANDA BHOOMANDALADHIPA MAKUTA THATAGHATITHA MANI GRUNI NIRANTARA NEERAAJITHA NEJAPADA PANKEERUNUNDANAI'. 'VIVIDHA PALA BHARANATHA SHAKA SHIKA TARUVARA VERAJITAMBU, RAJITA TARUSKANDA SAMASRITHA DIVYA SURABHILA PUSPA VALEEMA TALLIKA SAMBHASURABHU ,BHASURA PUSPHA GUCCHA SRAVAN MADHURA MADHURASA SWADHANADRA SAMBHRAMAD BHRAMARA KOOMALA JHANKARA NINADA MEDURAMBHU' He received 12 different Titles from different Organizations. Among them 'KALA RATNA, NATA KISHORA, STAGE TIGER, ROARING LION, DIALOUGE KING, KALA PRAPURNA' etc are some of his Titles. The prestigeous among these were 'NATA RATNA' of Stage, which was handed to him by 'VETERAN FILM ACTOR','DADAA SAHEB FAALKE' awardee Dr. Akkineni Nageswra Rao at RAVINDRA BHARATHI in 2001. He also recived 106 Certificates and Shields from various organizations like (MANORANJANI, MOVIE ARTS, HMT VACCO, SURABHI, ANDHRA KALLA SAMITHI, SREE POTTISRIRAMULU INSTITUTE of FINE ARTS, FILMFARE MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION, etc.). The Most Remarkable role to him was 'DHURYODHANA', even the great stage artist like Dhulipala Seetaarama Sashtry also rewarded him. Both acted together and got rewarded many times. He had given total training to me and my brother in this field. We too gave many stage shows and performances on different stages and places. We recieved 'BALA RATNA' awards from 'MANORANJANI ORGANIZATION' for best performance in One Act Play held in the year 2003. We proud to say that, my father is well known recognised as 'DURYODHANA MALLIKARJUNA' in the state.

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