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Articles: Philosophy
God of all things
- Mr. Kareemullah Mohammed
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1) The words reverberated in his head. “You have only 6 months to live.” Richard White was dying. He was only 39 years old. “You can’t be serious, doctor,” he had asserted. But the doctor had a grim look on his face. Richard was devastated. He had millions of dollars in his bank account. But all his wealth was pretty useless. All the money in the whole world could not save him. There was no cure for the disease he was suffering from. He thought about his huge, grand mansion in which he lived, the number of cars he had and his great army of employees and servants who were always at his beck and call. He sat in his hospital room thinking. And many were the thoughts that passed through his mind. He remembered his past life, his childhood days, his adolescence and the days of his youth. How quickly the years had sped by! It was like it all happened yesterday. And now, his time was nearly up! Death was coming closer and closer by the minute. The thought frightened him. He was scared. So very scared. And there was nowhere to run. There was absolutely nothing he could do! Never before had he felt so helpless. The subject of death was one he always avoided. He had always read about people dying, and he had also attended several funerals. But he had never dwelt upon the unpleasant subject of his own death. And now, after the doctor had conveyed the dreadful news to him, he found himself thinking of nothing but death. He remembered the story of Emperor Shih Huang Ti, a Chinese ruler who was afraid of death and who wanted to live forever. He sent many people in search of an antidote that would make him immortal. But such an antidote was never found. “In this day of computers and great medical progress,” thought Richard, “no one has yet found a cure for death. Or even old age. I don’t fancy any one ever will.” “I wonder what happens after death,” he murmured to himself. “Is death the end of our existence?” “Or is there life after death?” “Does anyone know?” “How can I know for sure?” Richard was seized by a burning desire to know what the truth was. He suddenly wanted to solve the greatest riddle mankind had been puzzling over for centuries, and which was still enshrouded in complete mystery. Why do we die? What is the purpose of life, and what lies beyond death? He was a practical man and very shrewd. He was not a fool. He was not satisfied with religious explanations. He wanted a scientific answer. An answer that made sense. The phone rang. “Your chauffeur is here,” said the receptionist. “I’ll be down in a minute,” said Richard. Richard changed his clothes and left his hospital room. He signed some papers at the receptionist’s desk and then turned and walked a few steps towards the glass doors above which a sign said “EXIT”. But something caught his eye and he went back a few steps.

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