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Power politics
- Mr. T.R.Sridhar Prasad. Uppalapati.
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The 2009 Andhra Pradesh State Assembly elections will be remembered forever as the various political parties are planning huge public meetings, road shows, involvement of popular film actors in campaignng etc. For instance, the recently (November 5th, 2008) held Yuva Garjana of the Telugu desam party at Guntur was attended by nearly 10 lakh people from all over the state and also from Tamilnadu and Karnataka States. According to press reports, traffic was jammed upto 100 kilometers proximity to the venue of Yuva garjana public meeting. Thus due to the attitutde of various political parties (to draw huge crowds), it has become a great challenge for the 'law and order' controlling authorities. Many times the police had to resort to lathi charge to control the crowd during Yuvagarjana and also Chiranjeevi's meeting in Tirupathi in the recent past. The following are the various types of tactics being practiced by the contesting parties: 1.Populist schemes, 2.Conducting road shows and major public meetings as ever seen earlier, 3.wooing the most successful and influential film personalities in the campaigning, 4.Slinging mud on opponent political parties, 5.Gathering huge crowds for the public meetings to show their strength, 6.Spending huge amounts during the elections, to win at any cost. 7.Utilising the latest technology like LCD, DTS sound systems, CDs, mass media and internet for effectively reaching the voters. 8.Utilising the services of NRI's from Andhra Pradesh. 9.Alliances and tie-ups with other parties for the sake of power. 10.Poll related mal practices where ever posible, such as the use of money and muscle power. Populist schemes : The parties which opposed the creation of a separate Telangana, have changed their minds now and they are supporting the cause of the Telangana people, for eg : The Telugu desam party(TDP)'s stand.

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