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Lessons in life
- Mrs. manjari
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We, as soon as we take birth we are bound to form relations with Mother, Father, Brother, Sister and Maternal Uncles and aunts and Paternal Uncles and aunts. These are all blood relations and we feel proud of ourselves when we introduce our kith and kin to an outsider and talking great about them. As per our elders advise we always try to keep up the relations with our people as good and as best as we can. We also feel elated when we all meet and talk about our childhood or about our parents or the environment we all grew if it was a joint family type and so on. I recently met someone who has suffered a lot in her life from the age of fourteen till she reached fifty. She had suffered terribly with a sadistic life partner with whom she spent nearly 40 years of married life as she got married at the age of fourteen. Her husband passed away due to his bad habits and unethical living just few years back. When I talk to her I feel that she is a lady with lots of will power and courage as her children are grown up and settled well inspite of her family problems. She gets a glow when she talks about her life before marriage and she was telling me one day 'I have an elder brother and an younger brother and I have an elder sister and two younger sisters and God has given me siblings whom I can call Annayya, Tammudu, Akka and Chelli. Many people have siblings but not all of these'. I felt really great to hear her. She is a person who sees brighter side of things and wants to keep up her relations intact. I think we all have that in us. But how far we will be successful in doing this also depends upon the other siblings who equally love and respect our feelings. I met her younger sister one day who is rich and doing very well in life. She says 'I never go to Akka’s bloody house as she is always in such a pitiable state and I can not spoil my mind with her problems'. She does not know or want to ignore the fact that she is talking about her loving elder sister. I understand another younger Brother does not call her for parties at his home but he makes use of her for helping to tidy up the house or to look after his small kids when needed. He feels that it is below his prestige if he invites her amongst the so called upper middle class colleagues or friends for his daughter’s birthday party.

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