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- Prof. Narasimham Brahmandam
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Folk story I present here a story from our folklore. It ends with a puzzle the answer to which calls for a discreet analysis of our values of marriage relations. Two couples were going through a forest on a journey. The ladies felt thirsty and asked their husbands to get some water. The men asked the ladies to rest under a tree and proceeded in search of water. A little distance away, they found a pond. When they were about to dip their vessels into the water, some tribesmen stopped them and asked them to go away. There was an altercation and dispute, which culminated in the tribesmen beheading the two men. When their men didnít return for a long time, the ladies set out in search of their husbands. They came across the bodies of the men with their heads lying at little away. While they were crying in despair, a sage happened to pass by. He took pity on the ladies. He consoled them and gave them the sanjiivani root. He advised them to put the head and body together and brush the joint with the root in order to make them come back to life. The ladies immediately set to task and stuck the heads to the bodies and brought the men back to life. But in their hurry, they made a mistake. The head of one man was stuck to the body of the other. Now the question is, who is whose husband? Please put in your answers with your justification.

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