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Grand ma, her love!
- Ms. Sowmya V.B.
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As I sat by the window one chilly morning observing the adjoining road, I saw a sight which was indeed a feast to watch. Sitting in front of a flag post were two people-one was a cute looking child and the other-who looked like her grandma. The grandma was trying to make the child drink her daily cup of milk. The child was trying out all the ways she knew to escape it. Grandma coaxed her for a while. The child didn’t oblige. Then, she showed her a car zooming past them. As the child watched it with her mouth wide open, she pushed the milk cup in to it. Then, the act was re-enacted, only with a different background-Grand ma showed her a latest Bike! This happened for a while until the cup was empty. Then, both of went off happily….Grandma because the child completed her cuppa, the child because she is back on the shoulder of grandma, receiving her sweet kisses. Grandma is the best friend in most of the children’s life. She plays with you, listens to your brave adventures patiently, laughs when you laugh, consoles you when you cry, supports you when your father scolds you, feeds you with special dishes as soon as you come from school, tells you stories in the night and what not? And yes, Grandmother has a special place in Children’s stories. She believes in whatever you say. She has numerous stories to say about her childhood days and life then. She is the only person who can feed you with the mischiefs of your father or mother in their childhood, thereby giving a chance to tease them! She is the person behind whom you can take refuge after whatever mischief you do….however atrocious it may look in the eyes of your father. You can cut jokes on her, with her. You can pester her, and then cajole her. You can just talk anything with her without hesitation. You can ask her about anything. Ask her about Gandhi, she’ll say how she once heard him speaking. Ask her about August 15th, she will describe the celebrations in 1947 with beaming eyes…never miss that spark in her eyes. Ask her about Ramayana, she is all words. Ask her about Britney Spears, she is all ears!!!!!!!!! She is a friend, philosopher, guide, a confession box and everything and anything. Most of us must have had at least some of these experiences with our grandma. As age goes up, the relationship might not be the same innocent friendship and love. It may change, may not. It may also become a mere occasional hello too. But, the fact is, what changed is our attitude but not hers. To her, we are still the same kids who pestered her and made her run throughout the house too reluctant to take our cup of milk or a morsel of food. Let us salute all those great grandmas who are an epitome of love, patience, compassion and what not? Every good feeling that exists on this planet!

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