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Why can't India be like other developed East Asian Countries?
- Mr. devrajgoud kodipyaka
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The biggest problems facing India-Our corruption, selfishness and laid-back attitude brought on by our poor living conditions (no one thinks of communal/national betterment). 1.On the way people are spiting on the roads, no sense of sanity, 2.inferior product making , making nondurbl products like clutch wire, what if the broken part happens to be brake, instead of a clutch- what if the vechicle happens to be a bus instead of a moped-what if the bus happens to be a school bus instead of an ordinary bus. Group restructuring -- allowing focus on core competencies -- plus falling interest rates making investment in technological upgrading affordable, have meant producing auto components of global quality at Indian costs. 3 preparing contaminated and unhealthy food , no concern for fello citizens 4.registering a house by undervaluing it to take advantage of registration fee, depriving the government of an income due to it –in otherwords illegal act(Corruption in India thrives on black money operations).Indians thinks that eating 5p is not wrong , how about if we eat 5p for 500 times. 5 unclean toilets and food in India railways , no sense of sanity 6 Indians are lazy ,only interested in bodily pleasures 7 negligence ,indifference and no respect for one’s duties, pathetic attitude of Indians who take everything workers chatting and idling away time instead of carrying out their duties. 8 no traffic sense ,NO Dignity of labor . Am not talking abour Himalayan blunders, but the little mistakes that go unnoticed in our normal lives.what that llittle would cost us at the end of the day. Here is a little (what we Indians think it is ) mistake,see the chaos and trauma it caused, and the result is hindering countries’ progress. Examples of rapid progress in other eastern countries like Singapore and Japan In the 1980's, the East Asian story was about Japan and the Newly Industrialising Economies, what was called the 'flying geese formation'. Today, the nature of East Asian cooperation has changed. The whole of East Asia is taking off. China is rapidly emerging. Japan is growing again. After the Asian Financial Crisis, Korea is remaking and reforming itself. In Southeast Asia, ASEAN countries have undergone political transitions, restored confidence and resumed growth. Beyond East Asia, countries such as India, Australia and New Zealand are also growing and adding to the vibrancy of the whole region. Singapore Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, Singapore joined Malaysia in 1963, but withdrew two years later and became independent. It subsequently became one of the world's most prosperous countries, with strong international trading links (its port is one of the world's busiest) and with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe Japan rebuilt its war-devastated economy in the decade after 1945. Powered by the high rates of personal savings and private-sector facilities investment, a labour force with strong work ethic, an ample supply of cheap oil, innovative technology, and an effective government intervention in private-sector industries, Japan successfully achieved high economic growth and quickly moved from 'less-developed' to 'developed' status between mid-1950s and 1970s. The economy became mature and the growth rate slowed down in the 1970-80s. Japan was extensively fire bombed during the second world war. The stench of sewer gas, rotting garbage, and the acrid smell of ashes and scorched debris pervaded the air. The Japanese people had to live in the damp, and cold of the concrete buildings, because they were the only ones left. Little remained of the vulnerable wooden frame, tile roof dwelling lived in by most Japanese. When the first signs of winter set in, the occupation forces immediately took over all the steam-heated buildings. TheJapanese were out in the cold in the first post war winter fuel was very hard to find, a family was considered lucky if they had a small barely glowing charcoal brazier to huddle around. All the developed and modern countries of the world perceive many Indians though intelligent, as lazy, non-committal and gross type of individuals. Yes, there are many negative qualities in all those nations but let me make it clear; those are nothing as compared to the ones we possess. We have always been a loud-mouthed, big-dreaming and ready-criticizing bunch. We have the capability to pass a judgment on almost anybody within or out of our eyeshot. People from the western nations find us Indians hard to converse with, due to our un-business like body-language. On numerous occasions do they refer that we don't take an advice in its correct sense and end up getting offended. It is not that I am against being an Indian. The EQ level in us Indians is the highest in the whole world. No one else can do the way we can formulate strategies in a market place. Our ability to relate to our work is rare and the trust that we show in each other, as a team is outstanding. Our values, our culture, our heritage and everything make us yet more spiritually aware. The way we nurture our children and inculcate the sense of good and bad in them is commendable. It's just that, when it comes to conversing one-to-one, we are at the back-foot. We have always known what's lacking in us and why people perceive us the way they do. This makes it even worse that we are not doing what we have to. Each individual has to understand what s/he lacks. The way to converse in a society, in business or in general, has to be mended. More seriousness in all what we do, is immediately required. Every Indian has to be well-versed and well-equipped with all the inter-personal skills. We have to eliminate our dirty and shameful personal habits, so that nobody looks down upon us. We have to learn to be more punctual and more efficient in our work. I have to be aware of what I, as an Indian possess and what the world can learn from me. When I learn all this and am fully aware of my personal and emotional space, I will be proud to call myself an Indian; be it in a chat or crying it out to the world. Let us all first reform ourselves and then preach it to others.

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