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Develop Positive Kids
- Mr. Raghava Katam Reddy
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“Give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed and my one specified word to bring them up in and I will guarantee to take any one at random and train him/her to become any type of specialist I might select – Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant-Chief and Yes, even beggar man and thief”……. This is the statement of one of the famous psychologist J.B.Watson. This statement emphasizes the importance of training basic psychological principles and Personality Development. In Warangal District, Five people committed suicide on 11th, November 2005. 1. In the city of Hanamkonda one Intermediate Student committed suicide due to interpersonal relations, 2. In Kanaparthi a Father committed suicide due to financial loses, 3. In Kottapet a woman committed suicide due to financial loses, 4. In Kondur a Women committed suicide due to ill-health, 5. In shayampet a Farmer committed suicide due to financial loses. It was reported that in Andhra Pradesh alone nearly 3000 suicides were recorded during last year. The inability of the individual, most orthodox, out dated, crude methods followed in educational institutions, lack of psychological training and ignorance or negligence of psychological inputs, spectator role of governments and the police, lack of public awareness activities are some of the reasons.

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