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As is where is....
- sri enjoy_ happiness
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There lived once a family, consisting wife, husband and son. They all prey God regularily. Though not happy in life, they try to adopt and live together. The Lord Shiva along with UMA Devi was on his tour on earth one night. Umadevi noticed this family and asked Shiva.' Swami!! the family here you see are worshipping you daily and regularily.. why dont you help them from their sufferings' Lord shiva says to Uma ' Ok!! Devi..but its fate.. even if I grant their wishes they may remain as they are'. UmaDevi then pleads to Shiva and Shiva agrees and they appear before the family. The three members of the family are astonished at the sight of the Lord Shiva And Uma Devi.. Lord Shiva Said to the family members, ' We came here as we liked your daily offerings and prayers , we like to give one wish to each of you , you may ask me anything I am here to grant the wish'. At first Wife asks the wish. She thinks my husband feels I am old and thats why he is neglecting , and so asks her wish ' Swamii!! Shiva!! I 'd like to be a young beautiful Sixteen years girl'. Shiva Grants her wish the wife turns into a beautiful young lady of sixteen years. Next the husband turn. He was feeling tormented because his wife was pestering him as she has eyes and ears. If she turns blind and deaf I'll 've no problems with my wife. Feeling so he wishes that my wife should turn deaf and blind.. Lord Shiva grants this wish too. The son who was observing his mother turning into a young lady gazes at God, his mother, his father. He feels he wants his mother back not this young girl, with out eyes and with out the power of listening. So he expresses his wish ' God!! Give me my mother back!!'. Lord Shiva fullfills the son's wish too. Now Lord shiva Looks at UmaDevi .. and laughingly both disappear. The family remained as where they were inspite of Lord appearing before and giving three wishes each to mother, father and son of the family. The wife should have asked for betterment in her husband for growth and development of the family but she insted desired something else. The husband should have asked for a better understanding in wife and a better future for their son instead his desire was something else. The son should have asked for better family ties and for his betterment, instead he was forced to ask something else. This story is narrated here as in Society, the man desires some thing and the lady desires something else and their offspring desires something else. With so much disharmony in thinking in the same family members, the family can't progress and ultimately the family remains where they are on as is where is basis. The same thing happens even in chat rooms, inspite of granting wishes, the cruel remain cruel , the vulgar remain vulgar, the chat room remains as it is..with all kinds of nasty incidents !!

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