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India is a vast country, with more emphasis on its agro-economy for its development. Next only to cotton Sugarcane forms a vital crop in the economy of rural masses as well as our nation. There are more than 500 sugar mills across the country and another 100 or more Letters of intent for establishment of new Sugar Mills. Sugar Industry undergoes a cyclic change once in five years and its economy basically depends mostly on Government policies besides the vagaries of nature. Its not ironical that there are numerous closed down units, defunct as a result of bad Government polices coupled with dual pricing for Sugarcane. Its high time that NRIs/ entrepreneurs wake up to take over those sick closed units for revival. When Industry runs/operates the growth, development of surrounding areas as well the lives of inhabitants of those places will flourish and happiness all around is seen. I've seen so many closed sick units in India , there I find deserted look all around, no development, no happiness. Well can't those closed units be revived.. Yes.. they can be revived only that Governament lacks the interest and it only looks towards NRIs/ new entrepreneurs... That's the sordid state of affairs. Sugarcane is like a kalpavraksha it gives besides sugar, alcohol, fuel ethanoland cogeneration of power for export to grid. Basically being located in rural areas, they contribute largely towards the economy and development of rural masses surrounding sugar mills. Hope and wish those sick closed deserted sugar mills will soon be revived by good natured NRIs/ Entrepreneurs for the upliftment of people and rural areas and in the larger interests of agro-economy.. A ray of hope still exists for those deserted families..who lost their livilihood with the closure of the units and also for those farmers who depend mainly on agriculture as well those of agriculture labour.

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