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Vedas....Religions and Prophets VEDAS:- The word VEDA has originated from the Sanskrit verbal root “ VID” meaning ‘knowledge’ or the ‘ subject of knowledge ‘ or ‘ the instrument for obtaining trust worth knowledge’. Along with creation the ultimate knowledge of the Universe was revealed by the Almighty Father in the form of VEDAS. Rishis were the great Yogis to whom the light of knowledge was shown. They were mere witnesses of this Divine knowledge and not composers. As the VEDAS have Divine origin, they are referred to as ”APAURUSHEYA” meaning not composed by any human being. The VEDAS are eternal(ANNAT). Even if the present universe is destroyed, the knowledge of VEDAS is retained in the form of humming sound “OM” which then permeates and fills the darkness, void and nothingness. When again the seed of germinates in the cosmic mind by the mere desire of that ALL Powerful, everything is set in motion. The cosmic heart starts throbbing and cycles of nature start rotating. Simultaneously the VEDAS are revealed to the seers for the well being of creation. VEDAS are handed down in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. It was used merely for the transmission of knowledge. It is also called as “DEVAVANI” meaning the language in which the divine light or knowledge is handed down. VEDAS are cosmic music. Here no change in any word or a even a syllable is permissible. Otherwise it disturbs the vibrational effect each line imparts on the mind and matter. This is the reason why for thousands of years the VEDAS are retained in the esoteric ‘Guru Shishya” tradition in the forest hermitages. The Gurus chanted and sang the VEDAS exactly as they were experienced and heard by the seers in the beginning of creation for the benefit of their disciples. The disciples attentively grasped the sounds precisely by their ears. Through the instrument of ears, the Vedic tradition is preserved. This is why VEDAS are termed as “SHRUTIS”. The individual verses from the VEDAS are termed as MANTRAS. Mantra is a unique arrangement of sound vibrations and purport. The Guru tradition has preserved the science of Mantras for thousands of years in a precise and secret manner. The chanting of Vedic Mantras generates waves of supreme positive energy which manipulates the mind and the atmosphere in a beneficial manner. Revelations of Vedic Mantras were given to different seers. These mantras were associated with the families and schools of those seers and were preserved by them separately. It was like a floating mass of knowledge.

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