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Think of it...
- Mr. Siri Siri
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Those who go searching for love only find their own lovelessness. But the loveless never find love; only the loving find love, And they never have to search for it. If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, it will kill you. :) Honesty builds strong and reliable relationships. You win more by standing in your truth than by saying what is expected. Your friends and business associates with good sniffers will sense when you are withholding your truth and thus disconnected from your authentic power. 'Howcan I trust your yes if I donít hear your no?' If you sell yourself out to get approval, you will miss what you really want: authenticity,passion, and aliveness. When you say no to what does not match your intentions, you are saying yes to what you really want and you are one step closer to it. People with integrity will respect you more, not less, for following your truth. If people criticize or reject you for being authentic,do you really want to be with them? When you stand in your truth, you will find out who yourtrue friends are. It is far better to have a few good friends who accept you for who you are than a lot of 'friends' who accept you because you are doing the dance they expect. The only thing more important than people liking you is liking yourself. If you can 'sleep in your own skin' atnight, your life is a huge success. Some people are energy vampires. When you are in their company or after you depart, you feel drained, depleted, or depressed Their mission statement is 'I will suck every ounce of life force from you if you let me' They walk around with a big invisible vacuum cleaner drawing protoplasm from all who enter their domain; show up and you will be consumed. There are valuable lessons for them in whatever they are going through; the universe is inviting them to discover their inner power.Donít rob them of their lesson by getting caught in their arguments for lack. Keep your conversation brief and stay upbeat. If you must be in their presence for a period of time, make it your priority to feel good no matter what they say or do. Donít sacrifice your happiness for their upset. You can transform any relationship by shifting your thoughts about it. This is where yourtrue power lives. It is much easier to defuse limiting thoughts than to change someone orpush them out of your life. Begin by simply considering something you like about the personor something kind they have done for you. Then try to not take what they are doing personally. Imagine that their words or actions are more of a statement about them than about you. If you can hold them a bit more lightly in your thoughts each day, you will be amazed athow your relationship will transform.

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