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My Remembrances
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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My remembrances since birth till 24 yrs 1.When parents visited Tirupati and had Darsan of Srinivasa the idol of Venkata Ramanamurty. I was named after as Venkata Ramana murty .I was studing, staying in my maternal Grand father’s house as my father was working in Railways at Radhanagar and Adra (Manbhum dt). When I was born my father was a Railway Guard. 2.At the age of 7, I was suffering from Typhoid and as the body temperature was very high my cousin went all the way to Anakapalle 11 Miles away to bring ice. While he was returning, the tightening the cloth around ice was difficult and suddenly a Shepard was seen who came up and said he will tie. As my cousin started off he just wanted to look back .It was a miracle as neither Shepard nor any animal. Later after few days again elders felt that there is no hope and accordingly my body was taken out and placed on the road side .At that moment a Dr Venkanna Pantulu an LMP said after seeing for any chance, he noted the pulse rate and he tried if I can be survived. He then gave an injection and after few minutes, he said ‘take him inside the house as there is a scope for him to be alive’. 3.I was survived and I was able to remember the Atelugu padhyam “Kala Yo Vaishnava Maya Yo, Sathya Mo Talapan neradu Nadu Jivha ”, and every one in the house felt mighty happy. 4.My parents took me to Tirupati put all gold on my body like ear- rings and few more items, dropped in Hundi at Thirupathi. Jaggery of my equal weight was also offered to Srinivasa. 5. When I was studying 8th Standard I was taken to Tirupati for my Upa -Nayanam. that was done on the hills of Tirumalai. Since then I was doing my Sandhya vandana. and I was taught Sandhya vandanam over few days at a great guru’s house. 6. Since 6th standard till Intermediate I was studying Sanskrit and I remembered to have appeared for All India essay writing Competitions in Sanskrit and I happened to be the First .In the SSLC, I stood first to the district.(when I was 15 yrs.).The study of Sanskrit for 13 years was really of great help to me even now. 7.Whenever I get holidays from school I used to get a letter from the Head Master and after receiving the letter my father used to send me 1st class pass to travel to Adra, There my father always take me to bhajans , temples and purchases for the house. At the house we had a leg harmonium(double reed), tabla , Sarangee, Fiddle, Sithar and Veena. I used to play. He took me once to his boss who was Coal manager of the district in S.E Railways. His father wanted to teach tamil to me and in turn I used to teach Sanskrit at the age of 16 years or so and I was studying Intermediate. 8.I used to glance various books of devotion oriented. The best I liked was “Jeeva Brahmaika Sara Amrtutham. .I used to try on a singer machine and I helped my father’s clothes. When my mother was away for delivery I used to even cook food for both of us. I used to do these only when I go on holidays. I used to paint and with colored pencils. I remember I drew a scene of Lord Krishna taking away Rukmini on chariot driven by two horses. And many more paintings I did till 1982. 9.Once I was allowed to see a cinema of Krishna at Adra .I felt very happy and I was praying in Puja- room for long hours. Parents were searching for me and they said stop doing all this after seeing me. I said there is nothing wrong and I want to continue with out getting married ever. Mother said that I should study, pray and when time comes I can marry and there is nothing obstructing you to do puja while in gruhastha ashram. 10.While I was doing second year intermediate I used to go to Rama Krishna Ashram and sing songs of Krishna. Once I was given opportunity to sing for an hour there on Krishna Ashtami day. Later I was teaching them “Bhaja Govindam . Govindam Bhaja Mudhamthe... 11.I joined Army, after my Engineering for 4 years. After the training I came to Chodavaram and same day I visited the Dr Venkanna panthulu. He was looking at me for quite some time and felt happy and he remembered me very much. Though marriage was not fixed then, but my parents decided that my marriage should be done at Thirumalai temple. 12.By 1964, I was commanding a unit as a captain in the status of Officer commanding at the age of 24yrs. -Prof. Venkata Ramanamurty Mallajosyula

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