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Articles: My Experience
Army Remembrances
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Army remembrances and Jgnapkalu I was at Siliguri and it was operational area and I was as Deputy Assistant Director for an year and locally am asked to command nearly 17 EME Army units spread over under my control, eastern, northern and western areas touching up to Binaguri, Damdim, Darjiling as well as Gangtok. All alerts are operationally ready as and when for any threats. Near by we had at Bangdubi Air force unit. There I had a friend of mine in the Air force Sqn leader Ramarkisna with family hailing from Vizag. My family had to be at Vizag only. As I was at Core HQ for more than an year and having a good experience I was always to take necessary actions related to the HQ, as well my 17 units’ activities. I must have constant connections. With this all the time three telephones always ringing me up and in addition direct point to point contact internal phones. The last ones are to be in touch with DDEME a topmost caller. The area is such no families are allowed being Operational. Area. One fine morning I got a call from my Air force friend a telugu guy. He said “Sir! I have brought mangoes from Vizag and you should come or else they will get spoiled. I asked him from where you are speaking?” I replied and said that I will have to call DDEME , tell him that I will come after an hour or so. I drove to Air force Area and to my surprise I saw my family. All happened like this: “They called my family there at Vizag to tell that they are leaving the next day to Bangdubi. I will come to meet you all and if any thing you want to be given we will do so as I frequently be meeting Col Ramanamurty. When the families met by chance they asked “why don’t you come over .I Know the army can not alow but you can stay with us as we all are in peace area. ”My family said ”Why not ? Arrange tickets and pick us up. We will come.” So I was very happy but no one should know about it. I will be coming again and again to my friend’s house and then my friend said “ Sir for you being well known in HQ manage them to take family and roam around to Gangtak and Darjeeling. I went to HQ straight and finished important tasks. Then a military police officer who is very fond of me some how and said he is going on duty he next day to Gangtak and I said I want to take my family and presently they are in the Air force accommodation with one of my friend’s house and I will accompany on a duty too. He understood and he gave his vehicle to me and said Sir! You have helped us and covered us up and saved from the General officer Commanding. and you are in the lime light always. You return the vehicle any time. I took three days leave cum duty .The next day we moved to Darjeeling and stayed with Signal units and moved next day to Gangtak and the family enjoyed the good trip there too. We stayed with an EME battalion there and they looked after us as I always take a good care of the unit functions. After returning back I enjoyed the hospitality at the Air force people also. My family had a nice Helicopter drive and thoroughly enjoyed and gone back to Vizag.

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