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The city dweller...
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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The city dweller and the full moon The light beams from the street lamps and houses blur my vision I cannot see the full moon and enjoy its cool rays The haze of the city lights covered the sky I have no option but to go far away It has been several years since I enjoyed the full moon night Only the moonlight and the nature Has become in my life a rare feature My life in the Apartment prevents me From enjoying the sight of the lush green neem trees I am confined to a prison that I bought By spending a million and a half of rupees Borrowed from the bank with much effort I have no option but to go far away! To watch the full moon from my apartment I cannot go to the terrace As I would disturb the privacy of People living in the pent house! I have no option but to go far away! I know I can see the full moon Only for 7-8 times a year The rainy clouds rob its beautiful view for 4-5 times The daily chores bend my head down for the remaining times Even if I raise my head the Apartment Culture Prevents me from having a glance at the sky This city life does not support me to watch and enjoy the full moon I have no option but to go far away! I feel I am away from nature My nature has become unnatural I have accepted the life without joy I am used to work like a toy To get the Corporate Praise For the sake of my family that I need to raise Do I have an option to go far away? I am longing to see the full moon For a full night to live again like a man I wonder why we still need a streetlight When the sky is clear on a full moon night One need not wonder losing the boon If over a period the city dwellers Lose their capacity in their eyes to enjoy The sight of the full moon Can we switch off the streetlights In all the residential areas During Sarath Rutu? Can we allow people to drench In the rain of the cool rays falling From the distant full moon I wonder how civic we are Eager to become sick By being away from Nature! (Having failed to see the full moon several times in Greater Hyderabad eventually broke down in the above words on 31st May 2007)

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