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Where does India..?
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Where does India Outsource? Working on Western contracts in India isn't enough anymore for Indian outsourcers. Now, after profiting for years from the outsourcing boom that brought riches to their doorstep from the developed world, they are sending work to locations across the globe in search of specialized skills and new markets. China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Romania and Morocco--you name it. And Indian information technology majors have already set up base there or bought controlling stakes in local companies. Kiran Karnik, head of India's software trade body, Nasscom, estimates there are about 50,000 Indians working for domestic IT firms outside India. And since several companies prefer to hire local talent, that number is a fraction of the employees that tech outfits have abroad. In Pictures: Indian Outsourcers' Top 10 Destinations that number is growing steadily. India's largest software services company, Tata Consultancy Services, announced in January it was adding 250 employees in Uruguay to service 40 clients in the U.S. and Latin American markets. In February, Wipro (nyse: WIT - news - people ) said it plans to set up a 250-seat call center in Bucharest, Romania. India's third-largest IT company is expanding in Curitiba, Brazil, and sites in Finland and China. Laxman Badiga, Wipro's chief information officer, says the company is scouting around for a third-tier city in China to expand on its existing capacity of 200 employees. One of the advantages of ramping up in China is that 'Wipro can target global multinationals that have a strong China play and do projects for Chinese customers,' says Badiga. Virender Aggarwal, Satyam Computer Services' (nyse: SAY - news -people ) vice president for Asia-Pacific operations, says Chinese workers' familiarity with Japanese scripts is a key advantage in meeting the needs of Japanese clients. As competition drives up costs in places like Beijing and Shanghai, Satyam is scouting for centers in second- and third-tier cities. And China isn't the only place where Satyam is expanding. Aggarwal says risk mitigation is one of the key reasons that some large customers began asking the company for work from destinations outside India. With wage rates peaking and intense competition for manpower, Indian IT majors are eager to expand globally, helped along by the perks foreign governments offer. China tops the list when it comes to incentives; the government offers everything from subsidies for hiring locals, to tax holidays, to subsidized power, says Nasscom's Karnik.

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