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Articles: Philosophy
Sapthagiri Sandesha
- Mr. ShivaRam H
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Our belief about GOD Indian culture and philosophy is very great. It is so vivid and virtuous in its role of civilization. Our people are so happiest to understand God in millions of visions and in millions of superficial actions/occurrences. We are not only having Bhagavadgeetha, we got so many books on Hinduism, to understand the GOD in differently in different ways, as the people find him in themselves, instead of simply putting question who is God?, one should find him in oneself in his way of understandings….I mean we are not simply worshiping the idle or in a name sake.Who is God? Whether God exists? Whether in Hinduism we are worshiping millions of God? Or worshiping only one God in millions of visions and to understand the God in differently in different angles? As our ancient monk- sages are happiest to find him soulfully in themselves without any worldly wanting? Therefore, today if we put these questions to some body, each individual will give answer in his own way, instead why don’t we put all such questions to our inner self... And, why don’t we think that- whether I am in God, instead of where is God? Why don’t we experience ourselves that- he can exist in our inner conscience- and directs us before putting our good/ bad ideas into actions? Epic-Story - SAPTHAGIRI SAMPADA : Of Lord Sri Venkateshwara (also called as Balaji) I have written this Epic-story research work “SAPTHAGIRI SAMPADA” about renowned pilgrimage place: 'Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanam'. In my writing career it has given me much and more self-satisfaction with regard to, not only realization of God, but also the highest peak of tranquility can be achieved by attaining through Satviq guna in our culture and Hinduism. It is said,The Lord Sri Venkateswara is Richest in Money. He may be blessed on our debt,tribute and returns only. But, actually, His Satviq Message is being transcendental for the benefit of Man kind, so thousands of pilgrims visit daily to take Darshanm of Sri Venkateswara. His Satviq Shakthi(The Universal Ruling power of Gentleness) alone Prevails and Uplifts All Human Values for Everlasting on this Earth, as one of the uttermost human values I pointed out is that-

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