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My dearest friend
- Mr. yyyy
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Though Im very busy with my work, I still feel very lonely and empty these days... I don know why, i was juz thinking abt the up's and down's in my life and juz trying to remember those beautiful days by looking at old greetings, photos, letters etc... I am thinking about one special person who played very important role in my life, but still the relationship with that person is very weak... something like a candle in the wind. She helped me a lot when I am in the deepest troubles. The days when I lost my love and my life, I totally lost faith in my life and have no one to share my deepest sorrows... I still remember, the helping hand wiping my tears and the words consoling me and encouraging me to go ahead with life... I still remember, the nights she woke up and talking to me when I was not able to sleep... Finally I am out of that agony; I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. I’ve learned that no matter how bad your heart is broken, the world doesn't stop for your grief. We used to discuss everything… we fought, we laughed, we shared, we played, we became close buddies. I was always there for her when she needs any help or suggestion, she completely believes in me and respect my suggestions. But life is not always smooth; I completed my master’s degree and joined in the list of Jobless Youth. I still remember the same helping hand, encouraging me, motivating me and helping me financially when I am out of funds... With that motivation and support from my family, I managed to grab a very good opportunity in software sector. This is almost three years ago. Life has changed dramatically and I could not find much time for my friends and family, I have to really work hard to meet the tight schedule lines and to keep up. I don know why, When I spoke to her a couple of days b4, I cud not feel the same warmth in her words… I could not find the same interest in her voice… I could not find the same friendly smile…

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