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- Mrs. pooja sri
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As soon as I finished my MBA I was on a job hunt. I didn't have any future plans when I was doing MBA. The total of two years wasted in fun and masti. Once the course is over, we were questioning ourselves now what? At that point of time the call center concept was quite new and everybody was thinking that its a cool thing to do. One day I saw in the paper about BPO job interview conducted by hutch. As I never had the habit of going alone for any work I do, I aked my friend Suma to come with me. We both went and to our surprise a huge crowd turned up for the interview. I can say I was really really poor at communication. But there was a feeling that I can do better beacuse I always got distinctions. Finally after two hours of waitng they called us and conducted a prelimnery interview and group discussion round, which we both cleared. And finally in the HR round my friend Suma cleared but I cudn't. I can say I was literally in to tears but I did not show that coz my friend may feel that Iam feeling bad because she got the job. But after I came home cried like hell. I couldn't take my first failure. I was so used of going along with friends that at that point I was finding it difficult to go alone for interviews and finding myself out of the comfortable zone I created myself for all these years. I knew only few places in Hyderabad. But now interviews being conducted from Secunderabad, Ameerpet to Hitech city. It was difficult for me to find out the places as Iam very nervous and hesitate a lot to ask for help. Moreover my family always insisted on doing the things independetly. Now I would say that it worked very well for me. After getting rejected in around 40 interviews I started feeling that I will never get a job. But my communication has improved a lot, because of the number of interviews I attended. Then slowly I have started getting selected for the jobs, though I rejected a few on my own discretion. Finally I thought I should join ICICI Callcenter. Just beacuase all other Callcenters were offering completely night shifts. Where as it was offering semi nightshifts. Which I thought was ok.

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