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Cosmic form of Satya Sai
- Mrs. manjari
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Hay is a weightless substance but currently criticism has become even more feathery. It is easy to criticize but very difficult to practice. It is a fashion these days to criticize anybody about anything. People who have absolutely no knowledge about scriptures give lectures about the same and pass judgment on them. Without having basic understanding about the Puranas or Ithihasas they talk very contemptibly about them. They donít hesitate to misinterpret the Vedas though they donít know a word of it. This is the sad state of the modern times. People who never had a glimpse of the pictorial Ramayan in their childhood or heard the story of Lord Rama assess His character. They give lectures expressing their suspicions about Mother Sitaís character. They censure the good conduct of Lakshmana. They doubt Bharathaís devotion towards his brother. People have right to speak on any topic. They can criticize any personality. There are certain news papers which publish such criticism in big and bold fonts. There are a few T.V. channels too which televise them. What more do they need? They have enough media hype! Isnít this what is required today! We have common folk who get carried away with this kind of false propaganda. Some T.V channels are used to repeating the same thing again and again. By repeatedly showing they assume that untruth would turn into truth one fine day. A few innocent ones possibly get deluded by this humbug. There is nothing surprising about it. But, truth will be known as time passes by. Reality will be known and those who do such false propoganda will be put to shame. Criticism is good, nothing wrong in it. But there should be positive criticism. The detractor should have a thorough knowledge on the subject of criticism. Half knowledge is dangerous. Criticism with out proper understanding is very dodgy.

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