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Rahasthanee Folktale:Nihalde and Princes
- Mr. Siri Siri
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It was the twilight hour. The sky was changing hues. Cowherds were returning home with their cattle. Near the village, village women in their colourful dresses were busy getting water from the well. They were singing the famous Rajasthani folk song Panihari. The whole atmosphere was surcharged with music and attracted anyone passing by. Prince Sultan was returning from his hunting expedition and was thirsty. He heard the women singing. He proceeded in their direction and saw the well. He turned his horse towards the well. Among the village women, he saw a belle, easily the most beautiful. She was wearing a blue odhani over her bright coloured dress. Sultan was dazed at the beauty of the belle. But he was thirsty too. He had been back after a day-long hunt and was very thirsty. He demanded water. Rupade, the belle, took it otherwise and said that people came there on one or the other excuse to have a look at the pretty maids and that it was not possible to provide water to all such persons. Sultan became angry at the behaviour of the girl. He pulled out his bow and shot arrows at the pots of the girls which were full of water. Then after, he rode the horse and sped away. This was an unprincely action, this was unbecoming of him. Hence, a complaint was made to the king by the villagers. The king called his son, Sultan and after hearing him, set an example of justice by expelling him for twelve years from his state. The prince left the kingdom and was on his way to unknown regions. Ultimately, he arrived in the State of Indergarh. There, thousands of people were watching games and tournaments. The king of that State, Kamdhwaj, was also present there with his courtiers and was enjoying the event. For horse riding competition, princes had come from far off places. Among the princes, Sultan was the only one clad in black. He participated in the race. with full confidence and in a composed manner. The race was over. Sultan was victorious. King Kamdhwaj was very much impressed by the performance of the prince and invited him to his palace. He was surprised to know from the prince that he was no other than the only son of King Menpal of Kichakgarh and was wandering because of the punishment given by his father to him. King Kamdhwaj felt very much moved by the plight of the talented prince and offered him to stay over with him as his adopted son. Prince Sultan had a nice time with the son of the king, Prince Phoolkanwar. The two used to play, hunt and enjoy together. It was the month of Shravan. Nature was bountiful. Greenery was there all around. One day, when both the princes were going out. to enjoy nature, they saw a beautiful maid swinging on a Jhoola under a mango tree. Her friends were also-with her, They were singing folk songs like 'Ayi ayi Teej Saheli, Sab Sakhiyan Rang Racho' (The Teej of Shravan month has approached and all her friends are full of colours' or they are bathed in the colours of nature). The princes arrived there. They were told that the young maid on the Jhoola was the daughter of King Mung and her name was Nihalde. The prince had heard about the beauty of Nihalde. He was dumbfounded at her beauty. When prince Phoolkanwer asked Prince Sultan to proceed, he refused and said that his godfather, King Kamdhwaj, be informed that he would marry Nihalde or prefer dying on the spot. When King Kamdhwaj came to know of the decision of Prince Sultan, he went to Kailagarh and requested King Mung to marry his daughter to the prince. The King of Kailagarh was happy at the proposal. Sultan and Nihulde were married. They made a very happy couple.'

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