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The trip I missed..
- Miss sruthi laya
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I just joined my high school after completing 5th in my primary school. I was quite a busy person in 5th class a member of Balanandam, a student of classical music and also a good student at school. We had been winning prizes in singing as well as stage plays. Had become professional in that. I used to be late to school after attending the music class in the mornings at a well known musician in Hyderabad and then after coming back from school I was going to the balanandam spending evenings there. Every evening was a cultutural evening. My MOM and my neighbour's mother were discussing on the way to scool for admission, they were supporting their decision in joining this school saying we guys will improve in spoken english and we will get individual attention as the stength is less. My mother also made me sing before the principal after we got the admission. The principal seemed to have liked it and after that any club / institution comes to school she readily used to bring my name out for any competition in music, veena, debates etc.. Also I used to win first price always in the inter school competitions. Some key teachers and the principal were very happy as the school was getting good reputation. The vivekananda institute people were conducting 'Recitation' competitions for people below 12. My teachers proposed my name. Thou I was not good at debates in balanandam but in school I improved and I used to be in the first three Ranks in debate. I was still going to balanandam. We had a Play planned, we considered this as a prestige if we lost the prize. Even schools were participating in this competition. Thou my role was small I put my entire concentration and will power in this and in Balanandam. We take Stage Plays serious which is a tradition. There was team work and team sipirit. My teachers told me in school that the recitation competition was at the district level. My father gave some guidance in rendering the parah. I bihearted it. The stage drama and the recitation compettion turned out to be on the same day. In the morning I was taken to the venue. So many children were there. I was in a little confused state. I just saw others recitating. Most of them have not even bihearted it well. But the list was not ending. There was just one lady who was looking a bit elrderly and confident rendered with some body language. My hearts were on the evening play. My turn had come and as I had some drama exp I rendered the dialogue very well. But I was looking very short as compared to the other lady.

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