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AP Heat Wave Leaves 500 Dead
- Jagan
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Now the Mercury Comes Down As the adage goes, Ati Vrishti and Anaavrishti always rule the roost in Andhra Pradesh. On one hand the state had unprecedented heat wave, never experienced in the last half a century, claiming over 500 lives, and on the other hand it was sudden rains accompanied by thunderbolts that killed over half a dozen people. While the Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu put the sun stroke toll at 373, officially, with Guntur district claiming the highest number (84), followed by Prakasam district with 63, East Godavari 50, West Godavari 44, Krishna 42, Khammam 29, Visakhapatnam 19, Mahabubnagar 12, Nizamabad 12, Nalgonda 7, Adilabad 6, Vizianagaram 2, and Cuddapah, Chittoor and Kurnool one each, unofficial reports suggest the figure could be around 500. On its part the state government has sufficiently warned the people not to venture out during the peak daytime. The worried Chandra Babu Naidu announced forming of a special committee to look into the factors that led to the unusual heat wave in the state. Kiosks have been set up all over the state to supply drinking water. The government has extended a helping hand to the family members of the deceased. Rs. 50,000 will be given to such families under Aapathbandhuvu Scheme. In some parts of the state the mercury touched even the unbelievable 50 degrees Celsius forcing people stay indoors. The entire state experienced the fury of the sun. The meteorologists are busy explaining the phenomenon having got to do with the changes in the behavior of clouds over the sea. All roads that wore a deserted look in the last fortnight, are slowly limping back to normalcy with the rain God deciding to bless the scorched with showers. But it has its toll too. While two persons were killed in house collapse due to the downpour in Kurnool district, a family of five was killed when a thunderbolt struck their house in a thanda in Medak district. Mahabubnagar was hit hard as the ripe paddy crop was totally damaged. The unabated heat wave scorched the state for over a fortnight now. And it finally looks like settling for cool after the unexpected sudden drizzles on Tuesday night. In almost all the places the temperature came down by ten degrees sending cool messages from nature to the hapless people. However, the people of Andhra Pradesh are still not completely free of heat-fear, as they do know that ‘Rohini’ is still ahead.

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