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- Mrs. pooja sri
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Once I cleared all the rounds in the HR interview they said I should deposit and sign a bond of 10,000 to join, beacuase a lot of people were leaving after they were trained in the company, to stop that the company heads took this step. After an year they will return Rs. 10,000 along with the Interest. Which I thought was fair enough. Then I joined the company, training period was so much fun. But once we got in to the production (actual work)it was aweful. This bank has huge customer base but poor functioning, beacuse of which Callcenter executive has to take all the pain to listen their curses, yellings and threats. First day it self I got a call where a woman was talking in a very high tone and was warning me that she will hold me responsible if the work is not done. My first day on work started on a very bad note. Then each day several such experiences. We don't have much of the scope to improve the things as customer supporters, because it was a co ordination of all departments. I got pissed off within three months but I continued there for two more months with a great difficulty. So I resigned. I was the first one to resign from my entire team. Finally I got rid of that aweful job. Then again a big question infront of me, What now? I thought I should go for HR and recruitment related jobs, which I tried and was successful, but the pay they were offering was really not justified for the work they are asking to do. So finally I thought I should give a shot to teaching profession, which I liked from childhood, as my uncle was a lecturer. I applied for a couple of lecturer positions for MBA colleges, and successfully joined in one of them. I started liking that profession immensely. Initially a lot of people said its a waste of time, and people of my age are not suitable.

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