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Is Telugu the sweetest?
- Miss spandana varma
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Hi, I love Telugu and always considered it to be special and also superior to any other language whether it is of sounds or when it comes to expressing views. May be... or May be not... it is only a feeling because it is my mother tongue. I also believed that people love their own language and will not praise any other language especially tamilians. BUT...I was wrong... Let's see what the great poet of Tamil have to say about Telugu. He just did not just praised Telugu in words for an occasion but praised the Telugu language in his writings & compositions. Subramanya Barathiyar has praised telugu in a tamil song. Also Known as Mahakavi Bharathiyar. 'Sundara Telunginil Pattu Isaippom'. 'Sinthu nathiyin.... Sundara telunginil patisaithu'. (the laudatory epithet Maha Kavi meaning Great Poet in Tamil) Bharathi composed Carnatic music kritis in Tamil on love, devotion, etc. Alhough he was fluent in Sanskrit and other languages including Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kutchi, French and English), he only composed two songs purely in Sanskrit, with the vast majority being in Tamil. Though he loves tamil so much,he accepted telugu as a sweetest language. He never praised any other language apart from telegu, though he was scholor in french, bengali, hindi, sanskrit... Most of the songs those days were in Telugu and Sanskrit. It is always believed that Telugu is a musical language may be because it ends with vowel sounds. Great pandit and ruler Srikrishnadevaraaya who believed to be an expert in all dravidian languages has praised telugu as 'Deshabaashalandu telugu lessa' which means Telugu is superior to all languages.

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